Package 1 $310

Pick up 11:30am - Drop off 5pm

Step 1 Start with a winery to clam those nerves

Step 2 Whalebone for lunch, wine and dine time 

Step 3 Bago Winery for wine tasting followed by couples skills building in Bago Vineyards Maze, if you make it out together there will be a picnic rug with a cheese platter and champagne for you to pop the question.

Package 2 $420

Pick up 10:30am - Drop off 7pm

Step 1 Start with a winery its all about calming the nerves 

Step 2 Whalebone for lunch, we still have to wine and dine 

Step 3 Trial Bay Goal South West Rocks where you can stroll around the goal grounds followed by a walk up to the lighthouse when you arrive back down there will be a picnic rug cheese platter and champagne then you decide whats worse goal or the ball and chain now its up to you.

The only other expense is the RING!!!!!$$$$$!!!!!

Whalebone lunch consist of your choice of main meal and glass of wine or beer.