Frankie's Travel, the beginning of a grand adventure :)

G'Day and thank's for taking the time to check out Frankie's Travel and what we're all about! Through this blog we hope to inspire, educate and simply share with you our passion for travel! So let the pages be filled with fun, laughter and surprises as we take you with us on our adventure...

You see we're just starting on our own journey here at Frankie's Travel and would love to take you along for the crazy ride it's sure to be. Here at Frankie's we're all for the transformative power of travel and its ripple effect starting at the communities we visit and expanding to the wider world to reach and support small business owners and budding entrepreneurs in developing countries. And with your support we can create a conversation for change the funnest and most effective way I know how- through travel!

I'm Monique and the Founder/ Adventure Seeker of Frankie's Travel and I've realised over the years that the act of meeting both locals and travellers alike and sharing our cultures created one of the best ways to bridge the gap between first world and third world, and to see people as they truly are beyond stereotypes and cultural misunderstandings. To realise we are all in this world together, that's where the dialog begins and if we can pledge to use our energies to help each other we can all gain something worthwhile and build a stronger more peaceful world... that's the really big goal anyway, and I'll try to get as close to it as I can :)